Welcome to the Films Around The World, Inc. website. We own and/or distribute one of the largest remaining independent primarily good copyright classic and contemporary American entertainment libraries. The individual pages on the left, which are by no means a complete listing of all of our content, are grouped into six major content groups, separated by tabs on the left:

(1) Our spectacular live dramatic anthology television programs, broadcast live on NBC during the “Golden Age of Television.”

(2) Our library of feature-length movies.

(3) Our library of produced and distributed radio programming .

(4) Our library of Soundies.

(5) Our television series.

(6) Miscellaneous content and exploitation rights.

The pages contain information and catalogs for each content group, some of which have audio and video samples, and links to where DVDs or CDs can be purchased on

Pictured below is our copyrighted, trademarked, “Mr. FAT-W” logo; after more than eighty years of the company’s existence, he is our new brand image; his animation (viewable on the next page) introduces all viewers of our videos to the FATW spinning globe (also viewable on the next page), which in turn leads to the video presentation. Ultimately, we hope that he will be recognizable everywhere.

We currently have three branded content labels: Mr. FAT-W Video green and black, for competitively-priced movies; Mr. FAT-W Video silver and blue, for premium-priced classic television programs; Mr. FAT-W Audio, for CD releases. All three labels are available through, and hundreds of online and catalog distributors. A separate “retail” web site,, has the same direct links to Amazon for the purchase of Mr. FAT-W Video DVDs as are included in this web site.

We have formed a new DVD label, SEÑOR FAT-W VIDEO, for Spanish-language movies, which has begun offering DVDs on; it will go into wider distribution in the Fall of 2015. The logo and animation can be seen on the following page. There is a page for the catalog on the left; we will continue to add links to as titles are added, and when the line has been formally launched, the good SEÑOR will have his own web site.

We are not in the “retail” business so our site is not particularly non-business visitor-friendly; however, there is a Google site search bar below. It will get you to the page on the site with the information you have searched for, but you’ll have to scroll through that page to find the specifics.

A WORD OF WARNING: There have been compatibility problems with Safari; the “Buy DVDs” links on our site seem to flash on the screen for an instant and then disappear. We are told that this will not happen with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Hopefully, the tech gods will work it all out, but for now, be prepared!!


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